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The real estate news this week is Amazon deciding to make Crystal City home for 25,000 headquarter employees.   This will be a boom for the local economy, as these jobs are reported to be mostly high-paying technology jobs.  Like most of my fellow Realtors, I believe that housing within an hour commute will see a small support in prices.  This means that Alexandria, Arlington, and Springfield on the blue line will all be within a reasonable commute.  And, with the yellow line and VRE access, I am sure that some employees will choose to live in the District, and in the far suburbs on the rail line.  However, the 25000 jobs are not actually expected here until 2030, so don’t expect to see an Amazon employee bidding on your house anytime soon. 
Initially, Amazon plans to hire around 400 in the next year.  Then they expect to add about 1000-2000/year until they are fully staffed. 

There are some planned transportation upgrades to help with this major influx of people.  Although, the area should be in a good position to handle this influx as many of the buildings in Crystal City are currently under-utilized.  The Navy left the area and moved many functions out to the Patuxent River Naval Station in the mid- 1990s
The Crystal City has been improving recently There are farmers’ markets and newer parks in the area.
Take a look at the architectural improvements I noticed while driving through there recently


I love the way that they have added color to this drab landscape.
Also, I wanted to throw in the beautiful suburban tree foliage close to my Falls Church listing on Cherrywood.
Here is the unexpectedly modern Old Dominion Boat club perched on the waterfront in Old Town.

Call or email me if you have seen some local architecture you would like to share or if you would like to chat about the coming changes.



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